People-pleasing Evolution: How does the Nice Guy pattern emerge and self-sustain?

If I ask you: “Why do you always have to screw up?” and you’re 5 years old, you’re screwed.

We all have heard these as kids:
“What’s wrong with you?”,
“Why don’t you ever listen to me?”,
“Why don’t you respect me?”,

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Child Upbringing or Mobbing Them Into Obedience?

The underlying (often parental) assumption is this:

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People-pleasing as a Defense Mechanism

You’re not really sure what you’re expected to do, but you somehow guess that they need to be happy in order to be safe.

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Life on the Other Side

Many guys start their journey with an intention to fix themselves and because of that, they get stuck for years.

  • you grow every day to become a better person and you enjoy it,
  • you are capable of handling and enjoying emotional tension in a playful manner and have fun doing it.
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