The Masculinity of today is in crisis.

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A simple exercise that you can do on your own and grow a lot.

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Most men will never make it to the final stage.

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1. THE ONE AND THE ONLY: First stage.

If you’re hesitating with the answer, you’re probably sabotaging your success.

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If I ask you: “Why do you always have to screw up?” and you’re 5 years old, you’re screwed.

Busting the greatest myth of our times in less than 2 minutes.

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So what is that thing that hurts then?

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Like everything in the physical world — human Love also has a dualistic nature.

Feminine love is the love of the mother.

Masculine love is the love of the father.

In one word, masculine love is the Truth.

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And it’s also Elvis and Rolling Stones.

The Heart and Cock of Everything That Exists

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And why most people struggle with it.

“I’m trying to find my passion.”

“How do I find my passion?”

Staring dad meme from Hipwallpaper.

Discover the reason why you shouldn’t be!

“Well, I need you to tell me one thing.

I speak 5 languages, I played guitar professionally, I teach Cuban salsa, I run a successful educational NGO and work in one of the most competitive industries in the world — but I still feel like I’m never enough.

I constantly…

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