The Masculinity of today is in crisis.

“Men are the perpetrators.
The tyrants of women and of the world.
There is too much masculine energy.”

And the cherry on top of all this crap:
“Toxic masculinity.”

Too many men today feel so much fear, that they just obey.

They obey their women, their bosses, their own teams…

A simple exercise that you can do on your own and grow a lot.

Are you overthinking what’s the right thing to say?
That’s the best way to say something weird or nothing at all.

No one wants to be judged.

Fear of being judged by others after saying something weird is absolutely normal

But whether you’re on a date, on stage or in…

Most men will never make it to the final stage.

It’s no wonder that men love women.

Men experiencing the radiance of feminine beauty are speechless.

Feminine loving vulnerability makes every man want to protect, care and cherish what he witnesses.

A beautiful woman, certain about who she in her feminine is incredibly attractive, but equally scary for an immature…

If you’re hesitating with the answer, you’re probably sabotaging your success.

“Would you rather achieve your goals or be happy?”

Recently I’ve asked this question to one of my clients.
He was thinking.


He really took his time.

“I would…”

I could feel the intensity of his thinking.

“I think I would rather achieve my goals.”

He said, hesitantly.


If I ask you: “Why do you always have to screw up?” and you’re 5 years old, you’re screwed.

We all have heard these as kids:
“What’s wrong with you?”,
“Why don’t you ever listen to me?”,
“Why don’t you respect me?”,

These questions never feel good.

But when you’re a 5-year-old and you don’t have critical reasoning ability, these questions can a lot of harm.

As a child…

Busting the greatest myth of our times in less than 2 minutes.

Truth hurts, right?
No, it doesn’t.

So what is that thing that hurts then?

The pain of the truth doesn’t come from the truth itself, but from realizing the lie, that’s been there the whole time.

That’s why the longer you postpone sharing the truth, the more it “hurts”.

The more it shakes your ground.
The more it breaks…

Like everything in the physical world — human Love also has a dualistic nature.

Godly love is universal.
It’s a perfect acceptance and seeing the beauty & the truth in everything that exists.

Human love is dualistic.
It has its masculine and feminine poles.

Feminine love is the love of the mother.

Feminine love is the one we all know as love — beautiful, nurturing, heart-warming. …

And it’s also Elvis and Rolling Stones.

The Universe is holographic.
Each part is a reflection of the sum and the sum is a reflection of each individual part.

The Heart and Cock of Everything That Exists

Your body has a cock and a heart, each of them giving you a different kind of energy.
Heart is the sensitive, feeling, feminine part of you. …

And why most people struggle with it.

We all know that guy.

“I’m trying to find my passion.”

He heard in a speech, that being passionate was the key to business success.
He read on a dating website, that being passionate about his purpose will make him more masculine and attractive for women. …

Discover the reason why you shouldn’t be!

I used to have an obsessive fear of being weird.

When I was 26, I actually came to the therapist for the first time with a clear intent: to assure myself, that I’m normal.

This is not a joke!

When the therapist asked me what I came with I said:

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