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If I ask you: “Why do you always have to screw up?” and you’re 5 years old, you’re screwed.

We all have heard these as kids:
“What’s wrong with you?”,
“Why don’t you ever listen to me?”,
“Why don’t you respect me?”,

These questions never feel good.

But when you’re a 5-year-old and you don’t have critical reasoning ability, these questions can a lot of harm.

As a child, you will look for answers and whatever you answer will make you feel really bad.

Specifically — guilty.

Just read the question and think about how to answer it and see it for yourself.

Busting the greatest myth of our times in less than 2 minutes.

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Truth hurts, right?
No, it doesn’t.

So what is that thing that hurts then?

The pain of the truth doesn’t come from the truth itself, but from realizing the lie, that’s been there the whole time.

That’s why the longer you postpone sharing the truth, the more it “hurts”.

The more it shakes your ground.
The more it breaks your world.
The more it disrupts.

Regular cheating on your wife 10 years ago?
Stole some big money from your ex-boss?
Had an unacceptable sexual fantasy when you were 13?

…you better take that to the grave.

Lying is more comfortable.

There is no tension.
It’s fear-driven. …

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Like everything in the physical world — human Love also has a dualistic nature.

Godly love is universal.
It’s a perfect acceptance and seeing the beauty & the truth in everything that exists.

Human love is dualistic.
It has its masculine and feminine poles.

Feminine love is the love of the mother.

Feminine love is the one we all know as love — beautiful, nurturing, heart-warming. It’s the hugs, kisses, warmth in the chest area, and a sense of beauty and belonging.

It’s the feeling of being nurtured. It’s the emotion of feeling safe in the hug. It’s the “everything is all right” feeling. It’s tender and soft.

The masculine love is different, though.

Masculine love is the love of the father.

In one word, masculine love is the Truth.

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And it’s also Elvis and Rolling Stones.

The Universe is holographic.
Each part is a reflection of the sum and the sum is a reflection of each individual part.

The Heart and Cock of Everything That Exists

Your body has a cock and a heart, each of them giving you a different kind of energy.
Heart is the sensitive, feeling, feminine part of you.
Cock is the penetrative, go-for-it, masculine part of you.

Metaphorically, your family as a unit also has a heart and a cock.
Heart is the mother — nurturing and sensitive love.
Cock is the father — that’s the tough and penetrative love.

The nation has a heart and a cock energy.

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And why most people struggle with it.

We all know that guy.

“I’m trying to find my passion.”

He heard in a speech, that being passionate was the key to business success.
He read on a dating website, that being passionate about his purpose will make him more masculine and attractive for women.
He knows passion from sex and he feels like it’s the right thing.

When he finds it, everything will change!

So he searches and searches and searches:

“How do I find my passion?”

he keeps asking himself every day.
And that b*tch just won’t reveal itself.

Passion should come up naturally, right?

It should…

Staring dad meme from Hipwallpaper.

Discover the reason why you shouldn’t be!

I used to have an obsessive fear of being weird.

When I was 26, I actually came to the therapist for the first time with a clear intent: to assure myself, that I’m normal.

This is not a joke!

When the therapist asked me what I came with I said:

“Well, I need you to tell me one thing.

I speak 5 languages, I played guitar professionally, I teach Cuban salsa, I run a successful educational NGO and work in one of the most competitive industries in the world — but I still feel like I’m never enough.

I constantly…

envy jealousy envious jealous comparison comparing yourself self-comparison relationship how to heal growth
envy jealousy envious jealous comparison comparing yourself self-comparison relationship how to heal growth
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I explored my envy and jealousy in-depth and became a better man.

Months ago, my friend shared his new business successes with me.
Even though he was very excited, I found it difficult to share his excitement.

As he talked, I could feel the fake smile coming up on my face and a subtle resistance grew in my body as a reaction to his message.

I was not with him fully anymore.
I was in my head.
I realized I was envious.

“That’s supposed to be me, dammit!”

I could hear a voice inside of my head yelling.
I kept half-listening until he finished and then I said I’m happy for him.

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The secret I’ve learned thanks to doing the routine for 4 years, never skipping a day.

I started my morning routine by a complete accident while working on my mental health.

I used to have suicidal thoughts and anxiety attacks.
To survive the day, I embraced a habit of finding 3 things I am grateful for immediately after waking up.

I did it religiously, every single morning.

Later I learned to soothe my anxiety immediately by taking 30 slow, deep breaths.
It worked reliably, so I practiced the technique almost daily.
Eventually, I started to do it as a prevention every morning after I brushed my teeth.

I was getting better!

So I added push-ups. Then…

I feel grateful for the lessons I have learned during the Coronavirus lockdown.

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These were the last words of my beloved friend 3 weeks ago before I started yelling at her:

“Go to the store and buy food that will last at least 2–4 weeks.
We are completely powerless, it spreads like a wildfire.
Last time this happened was with a Spanish flu, causing
50 million deaths!
No one even knows how long this will last!
(increasing voice intensity) We are not ready for this!
(yelling) I don’t know what else do I have to tell you so you start taking it seriously.

At that point, I had enough.

Fear took over and…

Understanding the psychology behind the “I am broken” pattern and using these 7 strategies will help you break and release any brokenness and apathy so you can do better decisions every day.

Thinking you’re broken and you need to be fixed is an illusion. (Photo by Jose A.Thompson on Unsplash)

“No matter how much I try, there always seems to be a catch.
I must be broken.

I guess it’s because of my childhood.
My parents’ screwed up lives perfectly reflected in my upbringing.
Now, as a result, I have to go through all this shit.

Where would I be if it were not that [person/event]?!
How can I fix myself so I can function like normal people again?”

Feeling broken is one of the worst states to be in.

Nothing goes right, nothing makes sense anymore and there is zero hope as the diagnosis feels terminal: “I am broken.”

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