5 Reasons Why COVID19 Changed My Life For The Better

I feel grateful for the lessons I have learned during the Coronavirus lockdown.

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Turning Fear Around

5 Reasons Why COVID-19 Changed My Life For The Better

1. Better decisions — after I let go of control & surrendered to the new reality.

2. Better relationship with death — after I finally took the time to reevaluate my beliefs around it.

The failure and tragedy of a man’s death do not lie in the event itself.

What’s tragic is when the drama around his death completely overshadows the beauty of his life and the contribution he made to the world — sometimes for generations to come.

Death is an opportunity to get inspired by his story, to learn from his accomplishments and to celebrate his life while finding deeper meaning in my own.

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3. Better lifestyle — after realizing the importance of my immune system.

4. Better environment— Planet Earth took a deep breath after a very long time.

5. Better world — We toughened and reunited as humanity.

Your enemy will show you what you are made of.

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Conclusion: It will be over.

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